Goodbye, weirdo fourth graders! I remember when they were in second grade! #teacher #seoul #korea

Celebrating the second to last day at my terrible current job with the presents from my fourth grade class (left) and the present for myself (right). #seoul #korea #teacher

itssarahssaem replied to your post “This is such a shitty place to work now…[[MOR]My boss didn’t want me…”

Oh no :( I hope things will get better!

Thanks! It can’t get too much worse than this place without having the school not pay you, etc.

This is such a shitty place to work now…

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I love this place! I love this place! I love this place!

I love this place!

"She was beautiful, elegant. Like a tall clear glass filled with raw pasta."

If White Characters Were Described Like People of Colour in Literature @ Buzzfeed

Worth reading for #16 alone.

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Damn it. I should have planed for fajitas beforehand…

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Rest in Peace, Mr. Mosquitopants. Pouring some out for my homie. #seoul #korea #bug #rip

someone: whatcha thinkin’ about? (:

me: jamie foxx didn’t even get an oscar nom for django unchained

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Various modes of transportation. #siemreap #cambodia #travel #angkorwat (at Angkor Wat)